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pour modifier son profil , (avatar, signature,votre fiche perso......
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journal.camargue pour que vivent nos traditions
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03-05-2023 à 06:28:51
Polkadot provides Stash and Controller accounts for higher levels of protection. This division is based on the idea of hot and cold wallets, or Polkadot Staking, where hot wallets have access to the Internet and are used to manage tokens.
Polkadot Staking

The goal of the decentralised storage network Filecoin, which was created using Filecoin staking, is to "store humanity's most important information." It is a marketplace protocol for open-source cloud storage that is paired with an incentive layer.
Filecoin staking

Ledger staking is presently accessible through a number of significant exchanges and wallets, according to Ledger Live, although they do not offer the same level of protection and flexibility as Ledger hardware wallets. Ledger Live allows customers to stake their DOT using a single app while maintaining
Ledger staking
13-06-2023 à 13:37:14
When it comes to cryptocurrencies, the Phantom Wallet extension you're referring to is probably made to function with a particular blockchain or digital asset. It might include capabilities like multi-wallet management, communication with decentralised applications (dApps), access to token balances, and transaction facilitation.However, in general, a phantom wallet extension is a piece of software that gives a web browser or another application new features.
phantom wallet extension

There is no official browser extension for the Trust Wallet Extension. The main function of Trust Wallet is to provide customers with a mobile cryptocurrency wallet that enables them to safely store, administer, and exchange different cryptocurrencies. Wallet Extension for Trust Both iOS and Android devices support it as a standalone mobile app.
Trust Wallet Extension

The physical device, called Trezor, and the associated software interface, called Trezor Bridge or Trezor Suite, make up the Trezor Wallet. Users can securely interact with their bitcoins with the use of a compact, portable Trezor Wallet featuring a screen and buttons.Trezor Wallet is a popular hardware wallet designed to securely store and manage cryptocurrencies.
Trezor Wallet
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